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Feed Your Needs With Foster Forage Boxes This Winter!

November 14, 2017

With the dark nights and frosty mornings drawing in it seems winter and the housing season is upon us once again. If you find that mixing rations is feeding into your time then why not take the traditional approach to feeding and forage into Foster’s range of Forage Boxes this winter?!

If you’re fed up of high fuel costs, hours spent mixing rations and over-complicated systems, then maybe it’s time to consider adopting the ‘traditional approach’ to feeding with the help of a Foster Forage Box!

Foster Forage Box, Foster, Forage Box, Hamilton Brothers, Hamilton Ross Group, Scotland

All of the machines are manufactured in Beverly, East Yorkshire and are carefully assembled with the aim of creating a high-quality product across design, build and performance.

By adopting the ‘traditional approach’ to feeding, using a forage box instead of a diet feeder, Foster’s tried and tested no frills technology will save you time and money.

What’s more, there’s a Foster Box to suit nearly all feeding applications, with 14 models across three ranges!

Key Features and Benefits of Foster Forage Boxes

  • See-Through Mesh Panel:
    Aids reversing and helps the operator recognise when the machine is nearing empty.
  • Heavy Duty Beaters:
    Two aggressive auger-type beaters create an effective mixing of dense shear grab silage, concentrates, cereals and minerals.
  • Reversible Floor Conveyer:
    Hydraulic driven floor allows for instant reversing and gives total independence from beaters for damage protection.
  • Sides and Floor:
    Foster boast the only range of Forage boxes with timber floors and sides, which have been specially designed to prevent corrosion and rust.

Fosters Range of Forage Boxes Include:

  • 990 Series Forage Box
    Capacity: 4.5 Tonne/9.9m³
    The 990 series model is the largest in the range.
  • 750 Series Forage Box
    Capacity: 4.5 Tonne/7.5m³
    The 750 series model is the middle and most popular in the range.
  • 600 Series Forage Box
    Capacity: 4.5 Tonne/6m³
    The 600 series model is the smallest in the range and is favoured by users with smaller buildings and yards, and those with smaller herds.

Want to find out more about Fosters range? Call your local Hamilton Brothers depot today!

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