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You\'re invited to our Elanco Meeting!

Find out how to raise your lambs’ growth potential at our Elanco Meeting!

July 2, 2018

You are invited to our Elanco Meeting on 11th July. Come along to find out more about the effective Zolvix wormer, chat to an Elanco representative and our Hamilton Brothers SQPs and enjoy a hot buffet!

This fantastic meeting takes place at The Black Bull Bar, across the road from our Hamilton Brothers Tarbolton depot on Wednesday 11th July from 7pm.

Elanco are leading global suppliers of animal health products. Formed in 1954 at Eli Lilly and Company, Elanco has worked alongside customers to address the global challenges the animal health industry face and develop safe, efficient and reliable products. The Elanco Zolvix the 4-AD (monepantel) group wormer post-drench has proved effective in aiding the slow development of resistance in sheep.

At our fantastic meeting you will be given a presentation on Strategic Worming Incorporating Zolvix from Gillian Bryson, Elanco UK Customer Development Manager, following which you will have the chance to ask questions about the Zolvix product. Guests will also be treated to a hot buffet and refreshments and will be able to ask our Hamilton Brothers SQPs for Pharmaceutical advice.

Zolvix Wormer removes the resistant worms other wormers leave behind

Anthelmintics are vital to control worm infections and protect against productivity losses. At present, resistant and multi-resistant worms are threatening the efficacy of existing anthelmintics. Indeed surveys have shown that of the farms surveyed many have a degree of resistance (WAARD1, McMahon2, Glover et al3). For instance in a recent survey in Wales it was shown that 94% of the farms surveyed had a degree of white 1-BZ (white) resistance ,51% had a degree of 3-ML( clear)  and 19% to moxidectin.1

It is important to note that resistance doesn’t always mean the product has completely failed. Rather, it means there is a reduction in the percentage of worms killed by a particular wormer which increases over time. This affects productivity and often the effects can be hard to see unless growth rates or other production metrics are being measured. Even low levels of resistance can leave enough worms behind to affect growth rates. Indeed, when the number of resistant worms is more than 10%, we start to gradually lose lamb performance because the product is not performing at its optimum level.4 This is the reason why we need to act now and put a sustainable worm control programme in place.

Using a post-drench efficacy test to test the effectiveness of the wormer used is important to understand the effectiveness of any wormer treatment given. Integrating the newer generation wormer classes early, such as Zolvix the 4-AD (monepantel) group can help slow the development of resistance5. Zolvix is:

  • Zolvix, available at Hamilton Brothers, Tarbolton, Ayrshire, ScotlandThe only 4-AD (orange) class broad spectrum sheep wormer
  • Kills all economically significant gut worms, even worms resistant to 1-BZ, 2-LV, 3-ML wormers.
  • Improves productivity if resistant worms are limiting lamb performance.3,4

Incorporate Zolvix NOW as:

  • Mid-late season break dose in lambs: Use as a break dose to clear out resistant worms that, having survived earlier treatments, that could be limiting lamb performance.
  • Farm protection (quarantine dose): Dose all incoming sheep with Zolvix to help protect your farm from resistant worms.

Remember anthelmintic resistance, once it has developed, cannot be reversed. Act now and incorporate the new wormer classes to help preserve all wormer classes for flock health and welfare.

Find out more about the benefits of Zolvix and save the date for our meeting

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to find out more about Zolvix, speak directly to Elanco and catch up with our Hamilton Brothers SQPs. We promise it will be a worthwhile evening out! We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 11th July at 7pm.

To RSVP to our Elanco meeting please email or to find out more call our Tarbolton Animal Health Department today.


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