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Improve Efficiency, Profitability and Security with JCB Livelink

Increase your Efficiency, Profitability and Security with JCB LiveLink

November 16, 2018

JCB LiveLink uses the latest Telematics Technology to help you manage and monitor your machinery remotely from anywhere in the world via web, email or mobile! The result is increased uptime and greater security for your JCB.

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Protect your JCB with Livelink

The metrics that JCB LiveLink delivers enables you to manage your fleet more effectively and plan maintenance in advance. The Telematics system sends service alerts, records machine life hours and sends you machine usage reports to ensure your JCB’s maximum uptime. What’s more, your LiveLink is linked to Hamilton Brothers with advanced diagnostic technology so our engineers can come to your assistance quicker to ensure your machines are fully operational and back onsite earning you money!

What’s more, the tried and tested JCB LiveLink Telematics are now standard for 5 years on applicable machines and can provide information on your machine from idle time to service history.

Increase Efficiency

With accurate monitoring of machine hours and service alerts, you can enjoy improved maintenance planning. Livelink allows us to prioritise engineers and routine services, saving time and resources.

Technical alerts and maintenance history data helps manage your machine health. Early warnings or incorrect machine operation and poor daily maintenance along with detailed machine history enables you to plan what work is needed on your machine before it returns to your yard. LiveLink ensures maximum uptime and return on investment.

For the rental customer, detailed machine hours, machine faults and machine malpractice are recorded remotely, helping you process your machine quicker for quick turnaround.

Improve Profitability

Not only does LiveLink help increase your machines efficiency but it can also work to improve profitability. Livelink lowers servicing and running costs by ensuring your machines are operated to their optimum performance, reducing fuel consumption and unnecessary machine wear. By monitoring idle time and real time fuel consumption, LiveLink helps manage whole life cost of ownership, driving down costs, driving up productivity.

Understanding what work is required for your machine before it comes back to the yard allows rental customers to turn around machines quicker, greatly enhancing rental revenue. LiveLink also helps manage chargeable hours, as you are able to see how your machine has been utilised.

Increase Security

What’s more, Real-Time Machine Location, we can see when your machinery moves out of predetermined zones while curfew alerts inform us of unauthorised usage. This helps protect your JCB from theft!

Real time curfew and tow away alerts inform you immediately when a machine is switched on or moved. The LiveLink unit has its own internal battery, so is able to keep tracking the machine, even without the engine switched on.

Remote PIN enabled machines allows for remote changing of the immobiliser pin code to prevent unauthorised use.

Contact your Local Hamilton Brothers depot to set up LiveLink today

Your LiveLink will be put up for renewal five years and, for ease of use, JCB will renew LiveLink for you automatically! However, we will ensure to send you a reminder before if you wish to opt out.

To find out more about JCB Livelink and how it can improve the efficiency, profitability and security of your machine, contact your local Hamilton Brothers depot today!

Bishopton Depot

Hamilton Brothers
Greenock Road

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Campbeltown Depot

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