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Amazone Profihopper 4WDi Mowing Machine

Introducing the Amazone Profihopper 4WDi Self Propelled Mowing Machine…

May 26, 2016

A multi-purpose all year round mowing system that saves on labour and machine costs! Is this the most economical machine of its type on the market?

Amazone Profihopper 4WDi SmartCut Mower

Amazone Profihopper 4WDi for a safe ride even in steep, soggy conditions!

We’re very excited at Hamilton Brothers this week as we’ve just ordered our first Amazone Profihopper 4WDi demonstrator which is an absolute ‘must see’ for our Groundcare customers.

This  multi-tasking mighty machine mows, mulches, scarifies or leaf collects with the greatest of ease, so it cuts down on labour costs and significantly reduces capital expenditure as the amazing Amazone  Profihopper does it all!

Our Agricultural customers have been fans of Amazone’s German engineering prowess for decades, with their Amazone ZAM range of fertilizer spreaders being amongst our top sellers. We’ve therefore selected what we consider to be the cream of the crop for our Groundcare customers, as the versatility of the Amazone Profihopper 4WDi is perfect for all sorts of grounds maintenance from golf courses and greens to municipal parks, football pitches or sports arenas!

We reckon you’ll be hard pushed to find a comparable machine on the market for performance, productivity and economy.

With its powerful, low noise 24.5hp engine and 40 litre diesel fuel tank, the out front 1.25m horizontal flail mower and scarifying unit boasts a silver medal winning SmartCut Rotor with ‘V’ shaped knives for a precision cut come rain, hail snow or shine. Combine this with an integrated PowerCompactor with augur conveying system which will effortlessly deal with all sorts of debris prior to compressing up to 1,000 litres of cuttings into its massive 730 litre hopper, and we reckon you’ll be hard pushed to find a comparable machine on the market for performance and productivity.

Another major plus for groundskeepers is the intelligent 4WDi four wheel drive system with true zero turning circle because safety isn’t an issue when tackling sharp inclines, and operators can seamlessly manoeuvre the machine round trees and into tight corners for an even closer cut. Maintenance is low with the Profihopper’s sophisticated self cleaning air filter, and tool free blade changing can be done in a matter of minutes so even less down time!

Amazone Profihopper 4WDi on Video

Watch the Amazone Profihopper 4WDi make light work of grounds maintenance – and proving that you really CAN ‘Can the Can’ along the way!

At a Glance Features of the Amazone Profihopper 4WDi:

      • Front mowing deck with 1.25m flail.
      • SmartCut rotor for precision cut even in wet conditions.
      • Integrated PowerCompactor augur collecting and transfer system.
      • Intelligent 4WDi for smooth and safe drive on slopes.
      • Quiet, environmentally compliant operation.
      • Added safety articulated frame complying to EN ISO 5395.
      • ‘O’ turning circle for optimum cut into corners, round trees etc.
      • Manoevrable and fast in all sorts of terrain.
      • Tool free, fast blade change.
      • Versatile all year round operation.
      • Immense 730 litre hopper.
      • High lift quick tipping up to 2.1m.
      • 40 litre fuel tank for all day operation.
      • Self cleaning cooling system.
      • Low maintenance and down time.
Find out more about the benefits of Amazone’s Profihopper 4WDi for your grounds maintenance and hop along to your nearest Hamilton Brothers or contact our Groundcare Team at the Bishopton Depot to arrange a no obligation demonstration NOW!


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