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Teagle Titan 6 Muckspreader

Teagle Dishes the Dirt in Ayrshire!

June 27, 2014

This week, Teagle’s David Haggart was in our Tarbolton Depot to help err…spread the word about Teagle’s range of Titan Rear Discharge Muckspreaders to our Ayrshire farmers. And following a demonstration courtesy of one of our local farmers the Teagle Titan 6 certainly got the thumbs up.

The range was developed in Teagle’s dedicated Muckspreader facility in Truro, Cornwall to offer the end user finer delivery and a more even spread. Now with 5 models to choose from ranging from 6m³ to 15m³ there’s a Titan to suit every application from small holdings to large contractors.

“Through field trials we optimised the pitch of the spreading augers which is critical to ensure that muck is finely shredded” says MD Tom Teagle. “Our shallower pitch ensures effective mixing and shredding prior to discharge. It is also important to have an auger with a smooth and continuous face to ensure a consistent and even spread pattern” he continues.

In addition the Titan range uses a beater system that is wider than the body of the machine to enable a greater diameter beater to be fitted. This maximizes tip speed, again essential for effective shredding. Other benefits to consider are:

Teagle Titan 6 Muckspreader

Teagle’s Titan Muckspreader with low sides for ease of loading.

Stability:  All models are well proportioned to ensure good stability, maneuverability and ground clearance.  Low sides also make loading a breeze!

Strength:  For greater driveline protection from foreign objects, a set of swinging flails sit at the base of the beater and have been developed to fold back under shock loading.

Massive Output:  As output becomes increasingly important for farmers and contractors alike, the tall beater system which is fitted as standard across all models offers a massive discharge rate.

Friable Materials:  For lighter materials such as poultry manure, a series of paddles can be fitted in lieu of the beater tips which further improve the discharge rate and spreading width.

Quality:  As with all Teagle machines, quality is king throughout the design and production process. Seams are continuously welded or sealed to prevent corrosion and machines are shot blasted and primer painted for superior adhesion of the baked-on protection paint.  All beaters are dynamically balanced by Teagle for smooth running and longevity of the machine.

Options include: Electric Control of the bed chain, Sprung Drawbar, Greedy Boards, Wide Angle PTO and Cam Clutch, various Oversize Wheels for reduced ground compaction.

Watch the Teagle Titan Muckspreader in Action!

To arrange a demonstration of Teagle’s Titan Muckspreader, call or e-mail your local Hamilton Brothers Depot today!


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