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The Revolutionary JCB 536-70 DualTech VT Telehandler Has Arrived!

January 5, 2017

JCB’s dual technology transmission has been hailed as one of the most significant developments in the firm’s history of Loadall production. This is because it is the first in the world to combine the best characteristics of powershift and hydrostatic drives. What’s more, we are delighted to tell you that Hamilton Brothers customers can try the new Loadall transmission and book a demo with our JCB 536-70 DualTech VT Telehandler now!

JCB 536-70 DualTech VT AgriPRO Loadall

The JCB 536-70 AGRIPro with DualTech VT coming soon to Hamilton Bros!

The revolutionary DualTech VT transmission has been developed for the new range of high performance 7m premium specification JCB 531-70, 536-70 and 541-70 Agri Pro telehandlers, which have lift capacities of 3,100kg, 3,600kg and 4,100kg respectively and are powered by JCB’s own 145hp EcoMax engine. Keen to share the world’s first dual transmission with our West of Scotland customers, the team have already ordered a full spec JCB  536-70 DualTechVT demonstrator with expected delivery in July!

This unique transmission concept is the result of a six year JCB development programme and 10,000 hours of testing in various conditions. Following the announcement of JCB’s latest development many of our customers have asked: why the need for a new transmission concept and what will the Dual Tech VT do for me?

Well, according to JCB telehandlers are used, on average, 60% of the time for handling work, 35% for towing and/or road work and lie idle for the remaining 5% of the time.

Previously, Loadalls were designed for only one of the two listed tasks and buyers had to choose between a powershift machine for speed and towing capacity or a hydrostatic machine for manoeuvres and precise speed control. For the modern farmer with multiple units each option involved compromise…. until now!

Tim Burnhope, JCB Chief Engineering and Innovation Officer, said:

“DualTech VT truly provides the best of both worlds, combining the low-speed controllability and easy driving characteristics of hydrostatic with the higher speed efficiency of direct drive powershift. The result is a machine range which is up to a massive 25% more productive than competitive models when handling.”

Double the fun with 2 in 1

JCB, AgriPRO, JCB 536-70 DualTech VT

Tow and Handle with the new JCB AgriPRO range!

The new AGRI Pro Loadalls combine precise low speed control and smooth response for loading cycles, which the user can adjust to suit different applications and personal preferences. While simultaneously, the direct drive powershift allows for the best climbing and high-speed towing ability of all JCB handlers.

The two modes are controlled by speed. When working below 19kph, the machine uses hydrostatic power and when above 19kph it moves to powershift mode with three mechanical gears and speeds of up to 40kph.

When using the hydrostatic drive, users can engage in Flexi mode by pressing and holding the transmission downshift button. This allows both the engine and ground speed to be controlled independently for the first time in a Loadall.

What’s more, the 4.8 litre, 145Hp engine is guaranteed to give you more power and torque for tremendous towing. An electronic hand throttle is used to preset engine speeds giving the user a peak torque of 1,500rpm and peak power of 2,200rpm.

The new AGRI Pro powerhouse is also JCB’s most economical telehandler yet. The DualTech VT system economy function sets a 1,700rpm rev limit to minimise fuel usage. In addition, operators can switch to two-wheel drive over 19 kph to save fuel and reduce tyre wear, plus average fuel consumption is only 6.4 litres per hour!

The DualTech VT Agri Loadall presents a machine for every farmer. Still not convinced? Check out our key features below.

Key Features of the JCB 536-70 AGRI-Pro with DualTech VT:

  • 145Hp JCB 4.8l EcoMAX diesel engine.
    The JCB 536-70 AgriPRO

    The JCB 536-70 AgriPRO will lighten your load!

  • 7m Lift Height.
  • 3600kg Maximum Lift Capacity.
  • Full Hydrostatic drive for steeples speed control of up to 19kph from standstill.
  • Automatic switch to electronically-modulated 3-speed powershift above 19kph for optimum power efficiency in high speed field work, road travel and towing.
  • Power and Economy modes optimise efficiency and minimise running costs.
  • Flexi mode to provide independent engine and ground speed control.
  • JCB 140l/min flow on demand piston pump hydraulics system improves loading cycle by up to 20%.
  • Smooth Ride System allows for precise manoeuvres at low speeds.
  • Selectable full-time 4WD or Auto 2WD over 19kph for optimum driveline efficiency and reduced tyre wear.

Drive the Revolution and book a demo of the JCB 536-70 DualTech VT Telehandler

With the flexibility of two transmissions, a fuel efficient yet powerful engine and an impressive performance, it is easy to see why the AGRI-Pro Lodall range has been hailed as one of JCB’s most impressive accomplishments to date!

You can “drive the revolution” in our full spec JCB 536-70 DualTech VT demonstrator! Call us today to book your slot.

Contact your local Hamilton Brothers to find out more about the revolutionary JCB 536-70 DualTech VT Telehandler and book your demo today!

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