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Hamilton Brothers Beta Combine

Think Bigger, Think Beta with the Massey Ferguson Beta Combines!

September 7, 2018

Massey Ferguson keep things simplistic yet high-tech with the MF Beta Combine Harvesters.

With a quality operator Skyline Cab, low operating costs, excellent fuel economy and simple servicing – the Massey Ferguson range of Beta Combine Harvesters are outstanding in their field!

You can expect quality sample grain or straw thanks to gentle threshing and rigorous separation. The Beta combines boast a 2 in 1 threshing system and high capacity headers using the finest materials designed to work in all conditions and have many other impressive features.

Skyline Cab

The key to high performance is a good, comfortable cab environment with excellent visibility. You can expect this and more with the MF Beta’s Skyline Cab! The visibility combined with the ergonomically placed controls help make your workload easier and more productive.

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TerraControl II provides a mix of automatic functions for the standard table-levelling FreeFlow or PowerFlow, ground-following system and headland management. Thanks to the Power Feed Roller at the front of the main crop elevator, you can expect consistent crop flow from the table into the main crop elevator.

The full width auger fingers on the FreeFlow table increase auger throughput. The Schumacher knife is the top performing knife in the business with an impressive 1220 cuts a minute.


You can manage all metrics from the operator multifunction lever and change height requirements quickly and easily. Vision and performance are optimum thanks to the knife being positioned 1.14m from the table auger. The optional rape auger for the PowerFlow table increases the flow of taller crops into the elevator, thus increasing the output.

Threshing and Separation

The threshing drum has additional weight in the form of ballast bars, which increase the inertia in the cylinder as the rasp bars threshes the heads. This reduces the load on the drives, power requirement and fuel consumption.

The concave has differentiated wire spacing. The rear section of the concave has half as many wires as the front. This principle provides the best possible balance between high threshing capacity and good grain flow through the concave.

The Beta Range

Model  Max power (hp/kW) Straw walkers Grain capacity (L)
MF Beta7360 306/225* 5 9000
MF Beta 7370 360/265* 6 9000
MF Beta 7360 ParaLevel 306/225* 5 8600
MF Beta 7370 ParaLevel 360/265* 6 8600
MF Beta 7360 PLi** 306/225* 5 9000


MCS Versions

An entire maize kit can be fitted together with a maize concave. The chopper speed reduction kit comes as standard with the grain version.

Massey Ferguson can offer an optional Sectional concave, which is designed specially to harvest a multitude of crops, saving you time. The conversion time when moving from smaller grain to larger seeded crops can now be completed in minutes rather than hours!

Guidance and Precision Farming

The Auto-Guide xls option can steer you through to greater performance optimising the field layout, which is easily set from the terminal. Auto-Guide xls can offer accuracy down to 5cm. Automation leaves the operator to focus on getting the most from the machine.

Massey Ferguson, Beta, Combines, MF, Hamilton Brothers, Machinery, Agriculture, Scotland


Simple parallel linkage makes for easy change of angle and both the MF 7360 and MF 7370 are available as a ParaLevel version. This patented system offers levelling with the table on slopes up to 20% (4WD) and 15% (2WD). Combine components are generally designed to work on the level however, this system maintains that level longer on inclines.


The AGCO Power engine has been designed to match the latest emission regulations by using SCR technology – meaning that it has one of the most innovative designs on the market. Not only is it better for the environment, but your running costs will be one of the lowest in the business.

The fuelling is designed to give a flat torque curve, one that a combine requires to give a constant delivery under load, regardless of the conditions. This coupled with the low friction drives used will give you low fuel consumption per tonne and brilliant fuel economy.

Well Designed Features and Benefits

Getting the best on a day-to-day basis: –

  • Safe and easy access for radiator cleaning.
  • Quick and simple refuelling as both tanks are located next to each other.
  • Safe engine compartment and grain tank access with removable ladder.
  • Checking and cleaning the air filter.


We can also offer customers the MF ACTIVA

The MF ACTIVA Range of Combine Harvesters boast exceptional economy and low running costs. The ACTIVA combines are aimed at operators with smaller to medium-sized arable areas. Every minute counts when it comes to harvesting and so Massey have delivered high-performing and reliable machines to ensure optimum performance in the field.

Get in touch today to find out more about our Range of MF Beta Combine Harvesters!

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